Ocean Sailing Courses


We teach you to sail in the sea. Thalassa is a very agile boat, has a large cock-pit and tiller rod: it is ideal for learning to sail.

As for the charters, the sailing course is CUSTOMIZED. We understand what you are looking for, then evaluate your level of knowledge and experience, and offer tailored content for you.

The course is very interactive and we treat among other subjects:

– the sailboat, parts and nautical vocabulary

– rules on navigation and safety on board

– Importance of planning, nautical chart, road map, weather forecast, what you need to have on board, etc.

– how sails and the sailboat fuction

– navigation instruments, sensors, such as “reading” the boat and the sea

– maneuvers and functions on board

– psychological training, undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the training that permeates the whole course

Our course is mainly experiential, because it is sailing that one learns, but it is composed of:

– own teaching material on the operation of the sailboat and maneuvers

– Bibliographic indications – which are reviewed board – mainly regarding navigation and safety rules

– Warm-up / preparation on a small sailboat in the Guarapiranga dam or in Paraty (optional)

– 2-day sailing practice in Paraty

Sailing courses are for groups of up to 4 people, with similar profiles in terms of interest and level of knowledge. Contact us and we will give you more information (when it will happen, rates, etc).

Our other initiative is to participate in regattas. There are several regattas organized in Paraty, Angra and Ubatuba. Excellent to learn ! They are usually fun events and Thalassa is very competitive.

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