The Captains

The experience and personal traits of those who command a Sailing charter make all the difference.

Our captains have more than 15 years of experience sailing in this region.

Calm and safety all the time. Cordiality and empathy with the crew to meet the expectations.

They speak fluent English, Spanish and French.

Comandante MaurícioMaurício Duarte. I began sailing in Spain, in the Mediterranean, and since 20 years is sailing in Paraty, Ilha Grande and Ilha Bela. I’m also member of an unprofessional regatta team.

I’m 50 and since 4 years I’ve started doing charters with my sailboat, Thalassa. My guests feedback are quite positive regarding the way I conduct the activities and the good environment on board.

I’m graduated in Economics and Administration, with a Master in Finance. I used to work in large organizations as executive.

It will be a pleasure to have you on board.


Patricio Arana studied Accounting, obtained the degree of Business Administration in PUC / ESAN, with specialization in Human Resources. Businessman in São Paulo for 25 years uninterruptedly in the field of Consulting in Brazil and abroad.

Argentinian of origin, 69 years old, dynamic and in excellent shape, navigator since always, sailing in cruise as well as in ocean regatta and monotype. He sailed in Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil and the Caribbean.

He lived aboard his 30-foot sailboat for 8 years. His experience in Charter and sailing classes is 15 years, mainly in the region of Paraty, Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis. Currently he lives in Ubatuba-SP.

bernardoBernardo Duarte. 21 years old, we can say he has 21 year of experience in sailing. He currently conducts Thalassa during the competitions we participate.

Sudent of 2nd year of Naval Engineering at Politecnique Faculty – São Paulo University, Bernardo teaches pratical sail classes at Guarapiranga Dam in São Paulo.